Relieving pain and dysfunction occurs well before the tissues have healed.  In order to support your bodies healing abilities we want you to understand soft tissues heal faster than fibrous tissues.  While a bruise may take as short as 2 weeks to heal, more fibrous tissues take up to 8 weeks before normal use is resumed. Remodeling continues up to or beyond 2 years.  Continued care is often advised to keep you moving properly over the course of your healing and regeneration.

Pricing & Packages
$ 50
Chiropractic Adjustment
Additional Therapy

Condition history, Range of Motion, Orthopedic & Neurological exam with an immediate report of findings. If we decide to continue, a SAME DAY adjustment and ALL correlating therapies will be included.

$ 40
$ 30

Your spine may prompt an investigation to muscular-skeletal afflictions.  Relieving tensions in these areas may respond with added therapies.

  • Joint Motioning / Stretching / Nerve Tracing / Active Trigger Points

Single Party Home Visit (MobileService)
$ 90
Office / Family (1-4 people, Mobile Service)
$ 180
Wellness Packages
All packages are transferable to family members and friends Include up to 1 additional examination for new patients.
4 Visits Adjustment only (6 weeks) 
4 Visits All Inclusive         (6 weeks)
10 Visits All inclusive      (8 weeks)
$ 100
$ 150
$ 300

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Mobile or other services by appointment only.